2002 Subaru WRX

  The next project car is the 2002 Subaru WRX. On tap for this car is the following to run in the STX class.

WRX-1.jpg WRX-2.jpg
WRX-3.jpg WRX-4.jpg WRX-5.jpg WRX-6.jpg
14441708.jpg 14441709.jpg
Oops - first time out
Oops - first time out
14441713.jpg 14441714.jpg

Autocross photos courtesy of Dana Jacobsen at Jacobsensation

Did You Know

In 1953, five Japanese companies merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. The new corporation adopted the "Subaru" cluster of stars as its official logo for its line of automobiles. Subaru is a Japanese word meaning "unite," as well as a term identifying a cluster of six stars that the Greeks called the Pleiades - part of the Taurus constellation.

Source: Subaru DRIVE magazine, Fall 2002